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Technology at the service of wonderful meals.

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Happiness at the office. 
With ease.

The GreenTime technology has been designed with the end user in mind - advanced technology makes using the fridge effortless, while avoiding the inconvenience of solutions based on trust (risk of theft). Our smartphone app displays the menu with item availability in real time as well as all the information on all our products.

Just scan the QR code on the fridge door to unlock it and leave the rest to us! Billing is then carried out automatically using RFID technology. We offer advanced functions such as sending VAT receipts, sorting by excluding allergens, Happy Hour promotions to reduce food waste and many more.

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      All means of payment are accepted:

  • I would like to get a free GreenTime tasting, how do I proceed?
    Book your tasting by calling us : 022 341 02 09 or contact us via e-mail at Our GreenTime’s ambassadors will come to your office with a full menu (salads, warm dishes, cold dishes, desserts, snacks and drinks). A friendly try-out the GreenTime solutions.
  • I loved it, I want one! How do I get my smart fridge?
    We take care of everything! GreenTime fully supports the transport and installation of the fridge. A simple electrical outlet is enough for us to install this canteen, which takes up less than a square meter.
  • How do we proceed with the fridge’s installation?
    The fridge is put in place a week prior to the launch. One of our ambassadors will be present and reachable in the first few days in order to explain to your employees how GreenTime works and who we are.
  • Everything is homemade? Really?
    All of our meals are homemade. Including breakfast, warm dishes, cold dishes and desserts. Our snacks and drinks come from local partners that we love.
  • What products are local?
    Most of our garden products come from the region (GRTA label), depending on the seasons. All our meat comes from Switzerland from producers that respect the environment as well as the well-being of animals. All our products come from responsible and organic agriculture.
  • When are the meals delivered?
    Our chefs are early birds! Every morning, our meals are carefully prepared just a few kilometers from your workplace. From there, the food is delivered to the fridges so you can relax and enjoy it at your desk.
  • Is there anything else than fresh meals in the fridge?
    Apart from our fresh meals, we provide a wide variety of snacks and drinks that are healthy and authentic. We choose our partners with care and prioritize local producers.
  • “Smart” fridge. What does it mean?
    We call our fridge "smart" due to the fact that it has a 4G connection. This technology allows us to optimize our stocks and minimize unsold products and food waste overall.
  • What about prices?
    Our wide range of product's prices vary from 2.50 CHF to 12 CHF. At GreenTime, we believe that best quality foods shouldn’t be a luxury therefore available to everyone.
  • What is included in the GreenTime Service?
    Our service covers everything optimizing customer satisfaction including the provision of our fridge, daily meal delivery, responsible management of our products’ packaging, GreenTime events and promotions. Everything is put in place to perfectly integrate the company’s culture as well as positively change the lives of employees.

Questions ? We are here for you.

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