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Homemade food at work.

Healthy, local and organic food delivered to you every day.

With a GreenTime fridge in your company's premises, you will have access to a variety of fresh food from your very own region around the clock.


From healthy salads, breakfast meals and drinks to hot dishes and desserts, our chefs’ goal is to accommodate each and everyone’s desire. We are constantly working on new recipes to make the GreenTime experience as diverse as you all are.


In only a few years, GreenTime has become the preferred solution for a new way of eating at the office.


Homemade, local and organic


New menu every week


An electrical outlet and 1 m2


Customer support and employee events


GreenTime is one of the only smart fridge solutions to offer 100% homemade menus that change weekly. Skipping the usual catering networks allows us to make sure that meals are fresher and of a better quality. Local products used in our kitchens have labels such as BIO SWITZERLAND, IP SWISS or BIO EUROPE.

Our deliberate choice to prepare meals ourselves makes us a complete catering solution rather than a simple ‘’mini-market’’.


We make the promise to enrich your GreenTime experience from the best local ingredients selection through compostable packaging and organic waste management. 

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